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    Kira Puru & the Bruise are fierce, fiery and down right fucking sexy.And don't think you're tough enough to walk away unscathed.

    A riot of guitar licks that will actually take your clothes off for you, there ain't no point in trying to resist.
    A rhythm section that's gonna get so far under your skin, you won't be able to tell it from your own pulse.
    And a voice that's like a vice, it's gonna talk dirty to you and then whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

    It's gonna make love to you and then throw you out in the street with nothin' but your socks on, will pull the rug from under you, it's going to make you ache.

    But if God didn't want you to feel dirty, then this band wouldn't exist.

    They're cooler than indie. Darker than the blues. And catchier than Herpes.

    Go get beat up by Kira Puru & The Bruise...

    'The Liar' was recorded at Headgap Studios, Melbourne by The Institute's d.a.calf, mixed by Rick Will and mastered by John Rubeto this August, 2010.

    ...." Her voice floated in the ether like angel floss, and growled in the gutters like a ditched demon. It was sultry, sexy, soulful music that rightly belonged to late nights where you sit at the bar, drink cheap whisky, and bitch about everyone who has done you wrong..." - Ian Parsons, PBS.FM, May 2010

    "Jeez, what a set of pipes ... great bluesy soul!" ... "undeniably breathtaking and theatrical range of vocal tones, ... alongside the impressive instrumentalist talents in The Bruise" - Steph Hughes, Triple J, August 2010

    "A force to be reckoned with. I dont think I've seen a front woman that powerful before" Nick Hogan - Sparkadia, 2010

    "[a] sinister number that could be a loving tribute to David Lynch film soundtracks ... an explosion of gutbucket soul vocals, echo-drenched guitar, lumberjack bass and blitzing drums" - Denis Schmenko, The AU Review, Oct 2010

    "Dark, sultry and sexy in vibe, sonically the band are soulful and melodic one moment and brutally hard-rockin' the next" ... "Brilliant" - Beat Magazine, Oct 2010

    "Kira Puru is a force to be reckoned with"..."Miss Puru's sultry, sexy rasp soared over the raucous bed-rock of blues infused vitriol that is The Bruise ... an emotive colour and connection rivalled by a mere few" - Reverb Magazine, Oct, 2010

    "a dripping concoction of sex and sweat" - Renegades Empire, Sept 2010

    "The amount of stage time these dedicated performers have spent honing their craft is evident on the EP, a polished sound [and] excellent mixing and mastering. Oh, and Puru is hot. Smoking hot. In person, staring down anyone who dares to challenge her supremacy on stage. I feel her body moving to generate the depths of sounds only Puru can call forth. " - Esca Beloved, Culturehunter, August 2010