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    Davy Kestens & Twitspark: from idea to $1 million in 9 ...

    Ramon Suarez

    par Ramon Suarez

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    ***Thumbs up for Davy!***

    Davy Kestens ( has landed today from San Francisco and came to the Betagroup Coworking Brussels, where he's still a member, to get some work done. This was a great opportunity to talk with him about the amazing entrepreneurial experience he's going through: from idea to raising over one million dollars and moving to the USA in just 9 months.
    Twitspark ( is a tool to deliver and manage customer support over Twitter for large enterprises.

    From the beginning it has experienced a lot of traction and interest, getting calls from investors from across the Atlantic in just two weeks. Davy took advantage of the network of the Betacowork to find some mentors and also to get his business plan done over a weekend.

    The best coworking space for tech entrepreneurs in Brussels:

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