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    WoW : Un démoniste solote Morchok sur la Bêta de Mists of Pandaria.


    par Millenium_TV

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    Level 85 Warlock soloing Morchok 10 on the currently overpowered Demonology Spec (No % buffs in effect). MOP Beta Build 5.0.1 (15464)

    Demonology tanking is currently very overpowered on beta due to a very high return on Mastery scaling and very high damage in general. After a bit of reforging/regemming and swapping in trinkets (Necromatic focus heroic/DMC:V)

    I manage to get 99% DR listed on meta buff 73.43% physical DR 72030 armor, 3672 mastery rating (after NF stacks) Hopefully demo tanking is left in as an option come MOP, but I don't have high hopes since they're already adding brewmaster tanks. We'll see though

    It took me a few tries to get Morchok since going in with no buffs/flask/food or experience DPSing I hit enrage at about 10% and even though you can stay alive for awhile stomps hitting for 45k does out damage drain life