A LITTLE FROG IS LOOKING FOR HIS FATHER - 1964 - Лягушонок ищет папу


door eus347

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One of Roman Kachanov, creator of Chuburaska and Varezhka, lesser known puppetanimation, prooving his mastership as the greatest puppetmoviemaker of the sixties and seventies. He is a master at making you smile about something sad, and mixing in a tear in something happy, and thus always touching the heart:
A frog looking for his father, is a story for little children, and has a simple structure.
A little frog asks several grownup animals if they want to be his father. No one does in the end, but the proces prepares him for the question that is asked to him at the end of the animation. The answer concludes the film, and wraps it up to a little miracle.
9 min. 18 sec.

directed by Roman Kachanov
written by Gennady Tsyferov, Henry Sapgir
art director Vladimir Sobolev

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