Chocowhite - Back To The Funk



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Available 12 april 2012, Chocowhite, back to the funk

About : David Thomas
I am a music composer and arranger (member of the ASSOCIATION OF COMPOSERS AND MUSIC PUBLISHERS TO PROTECT COPYRIGHT AND ROYALTIES) since 1990. I composed music for various projects, as short films, independents full-length films, television, documentaries, advertisements TV, radio jingles etc.... After a break of almost 10 years in the music, I recovered in the work in 2010 and I am happy to present you my selfproduced albums and singles which I produce with my netlabel " T.M.P ". All these albums and singles are available for sale on all the digital download platforms worldwide (Itunes, virginmega, Fnac, amazon, orange, SFR, amazon, deezer, napster etc.).

3 commentaires

Par princesse3446 Dolores M il y a 2 ans
A bientôt sur votre profil...

Par Buffalo1881 il y a 2 ans
et ben dis-donc vivement le 2 avril , parceque ça tue tout ça !
Par Momo (circé) il y a 2 ans