NDAA Is A Hoax - You Can't Legalize Tyranny


by US-2012

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The NDAA is unprecedented sweeping tyranny. It is here and now. But is it law? Alex Jones discusses the legal reality by this attempted entry into American dictatorship to create the United States of Gitmo. Remember, if you will, that the US Constitution is not optional. Without adherence to the Constitution, the US does not exist. There is NO law above the Constitution - it is the highest law in the land. Therefore - and this is important - any law that conflicts with the Constitution, is NULL AND VOID AND WITH NO EFFECT (period). You do not have to wait until it is proclaimed so by the Supreme Court etc.. It is null from the very second it it signed. This is true of the NDAA and ANY law that conflicts with the Constitution whatsoever. I'm not making any of this up, check it out for yourself. Everyone who knows anything about law is supposed to know this. It is up to every US citizen, elected or not, to enforce the Constitution.