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Caroline Booth Jewett

In the spring of 2006 I took off for Atlanta, GA to live with some great friends and to attempt really for the first time in my life to learn about what it meant to live communally. It was this time in Atlanta though that would prove to be incredibly impactful for me as a musician. If it wasn't sitting around the house drinking beer and listening to Levon Helm, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan on Vinyl, it was driving half way across the country with friends to hear Mason Jennings or to stay with friends in Kentucky who would introduce me to a rather unknown Album (at the time) called "For Emma, Forever Ago".

Many more artists other than those mentioned above helped shape my music during this time, some I believe to be noteworthy being Griffin House, The Swell Season, Bowerbirds, Elvis Perkins, Damien Jurado, fleet foxes, and Delta Spirit. But perhaps none have been more influential to me as a songwriter than the former lead singer of Caedmons Call, now solo artist Derek Webb. Its been his ability to boldly and passionately convey the truth of the gospel and address tough issues with humility and love that has been inspirational and guiding to me as a musician, by speaking not only to the church but in taverns and bars across America.

I now currently live in Tampa, FL, where for 2 and a half years I have continued the journey of finding out what it means to follow Jesus. At 24 yrs old, if I've been able to gather anything of significance at all up to this point, it's that my identity in Christ is in itself my identity with the suffering and the marginalized of this world. The idea that I could use my passion and love for music as a platform to share truth and identify with people in a communal, authentic, loving way is quite a humbling one, and I am thankful that I've been given that opportunity at least for the time being. I heard once that theres been a beautiful, rhythmic melody playing since the beginning of the world, and I really believe that. My goal is to find that tune and harmonize with it. :) rock.