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    Zbigniew Brzezinski's Taliban Pep Talk in Pakistan and Afghanistan


    by US-2012

    Zbigniew Brzezinski's infamous Pep Talk to the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan (along the border). Brzezinski has since admitted that he began building the terrorist group BEFORE the Russian invasion, in an effort to bait the Soviets into "their own Vietnam". It worked - but also it created the conditions under which the US would have to expend tremendous money and human lives fighting his creation. Where was Barack Obama during that time? At Columbia, as he asserts in his memoirs? No one saw Obama at Columbia University - but Obama did accidentally admit that he was traveling to Pakistan during those years, under a foreign passport necessarily. With Brzezinski? Was Obama a bag man for Saudi money to the Taliban, with his mentor and Saudi agent fiend Khalid al Mansour? Who is that man standing behind and to the left of Brzezinski - it it Obama? Obama later began to lie about his close connections to his double-adviser Brzezinski. Why?