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    Classic Game Room - ROBOTECH: MACROSS SAGA Nintendo Game Boy Advance review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Robotech Macross Saga game review. Classic Game Room reviews ROBOTECH: MACROSS SAGA for Nintendo Game Boy Advance from TDK and Lucky Chicken games released in 2002. Robotech Macross Saga video review shows Robotech 2D horizontally scrolling space ship shooter action. Robotech Macross Saga on Gameboy Advance is a SHMUP where you control Veritech fighters and fight the evil Zentradi! Fans of Robotech or Macross (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross) will probably enjoy the Robotech art style, fantastic Robotech music and choice of characters including Roy Fokker, Rick Hunter, Max Sterling and more! Blow up some aliens in Robotech Macross Saga for Nintendo GBA!