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    17th Century Ebony Furniture on Display in Brussels


    by NTDTelevision

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    Antique treasure hunters, here's the moment you've all been waiting for. It's the Art Fair in Brussels, with a vast array of art up for grabs, including some very unique antique furniture.

    [Henri Vanhoenacker, Antiquarian]:
    "First of all, it is a rare object, the wood is in perfect condition, and also was very expensive and is still now. And it's Italian, around 1600-1650."

    If you are looking for ancient furniture, here's your chance.

    The Art Fair in Brussels is underway, with hundreds of exhibitors displaying all manner of art.

    Like this 17th century furniture made of ebony.

    [Henri Vanhoenacker, Antiquarian]:
    "In fact it's an Italian collectors cabinet, made of ebony. Ebony is a kind of wood, very hard wood. And in the 17th century it was called the black gold because it was more expensive than gold. And such a cabinet was used to put in all collector's items, ancient Roman coins, rare plants, gym stones, small antiquities. And they were like a kind of little safe."

    Here is a cabinet that portrays Roman and Greek Gods.

    [Jan Muller, Antiquarian]:
    "The paintings are on copperplate so all these are little copper plates. And they are representing different stories of the mythology and we can explain some of them. Here for example we have to hunting goddess, Diana, we have Pan, little devil with the devil feet. For example here we have the story of Narcissus, who mirrors himself in the water."

    The Art Fair is being held at the Expo Hall in Brussels, Belgium, and will run until April.

    NTD News, Brussels, Belgium