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    Hong Kong Democrats to Boycott Tang and Leung


    by NTDTelevision

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    And one of the strongest voices of opposition to the two candidates has come from Hong Kong's democratic camp. Lead by Democratic Party Chairman Albert Ho—the third candidate on Sunday's race—the democrats say they will not be voting for either Henry Tang, or Chun-ying Leung.

    Hong Kong's Democratic Party has voiced strong opposition to the region's upcoming Chief Executive Election. Party Chief Albert Ho, who is also running for the race, says the 203 democrats voting on Sunday will not be voting for the two front runners, Henry Tang and Chun-ying Leung because neither candidates are fit to lead Hong Kong.

    [Albert Ho, Democratic Candidate for HK Chief Executive]:
    "Basically the choice for [the democrats] will be down to one. The main principle is to oppose this 'small-circle' election."

    The "small-circle" Albert Ho is referring to is the number of people who will be voting on Sunday—just 1200 out of a population of 7-million. Those who are voting are mostly business elites and special interests groups.

    Ho says the pan-democrats will either be voting for him or casting a blank vote. If the election comes down to a second round of voting, they will abstain from participating as a form or protest.

    Ho's campaign chief Cheung Man Kwong also dispelled rumors that some democrats may be voting for the other two candidates.

    [Cheung Man Kwong, Campaign Chief for Albert Ho]:
    "All these rumors are just part of Tang and Leung's election tactics. They have nothing to do with the Democratic Party. Actually after seeing a few of the debates, none of the democrats will vote for Tang or Leung."