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    Webster Tarpley In-Studio -- Origins of The House of Windsor - Thirst for Power 3


    by US-2012

    ( Part 3) Webster Griffin Tarpley explains the weird history of British royalty, and it's surprising origins. Black Nobility and the Venetians, Babylonian culture. The British royalty are celebrities - but do most of us even know who they are? What are their real motives, and with whom have they secretly formed alliances in their quest to regain their once great but lost empire? This is a vital link in understanding much of the treacherous happenings in the world today. It is also an indispensable link allowing us to see that Phonecian, Babylonian, Canaanite and Khazar cultures are very much alive and at the root of wars and imperialism still. Just like the house of Windsor itself, these forces are merely masquerading under the guise of other nations they inhabit and use.

    This is material which has been vital for us to learn in schools and history classes, but which in practice it is practically forbidden to talk about.