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    Classic Game Room - ZAXXON review for ColecoVision


    by ClassicGameRoom

    ZAXXON review. Classic Game Room reviews ZAXXON from Sega for the ColecoVision released in 1982. Zaxxon is one of the first videogames to use shadows and amazed its early 80's audience with a unique perspective as seen from above and to the side, a perspective that was almost impossible to capture in home console versions like the Atari 2600... but the Coleco Vision delivers! Originally released by Sega to the arcades in early 1982, Zaxxon is a thrilling old school space ship shooter with air and ground targets. You can pilot the space ship up and down as well as left and right to dodge a wide array of enemy missiles, laser beams, force fields and space ships! CGR Zaxxon video review on ColecoVision shows gameplay from Sega's Zaxxon on Coleco's awesome game console. Released in 1982 for Coleco Vision, Zaxxon is easy to collect and affordable.