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    Videographer - Brian Levin
    Sound Engineer - Nick Smith
    Audio & Video production by Joe Lynch


    Juston Hargrove was born into a musical family on June 30, 1986. Being the youngest child of the legendary singer Larry Shannon Hargrove (The Texas Songbird), he didn't have much of a choice but to be involved with music in some way. At age 11 he picked up the trumpet and played for his middle school concert and jazz bands. It was in those band classes that he was introduced to artist such as Duke... Ellington, Quincy Jones and Miles Davis. Wanting despartely to become a composer like the jazz greats that inspired him he felt limited with the trumpets inability to create chords. Wanting to find a way to better express himslef through music he picked up the guitar and never turned back. He was introduced to the music of great artist such as Jimi Hendrix, Steely Dan, and Stevie Ray Vaughan while studying music theory in college. He began to learn a lot of their songs on guitar by ear along with songs of many other great song writters such as Bobby Womack and John Mayer to name a few. While in college he audtioned to be a guitar player for the Teaxs State Jazz Combo in the fall of 2007. After making the cut, he composed the instrumental song "Misty Rain" which was performed live by the Texas State Jazz Combo later that year. That experience motivated him to go into the studio in 2008 to begin recording some of the songs he had written and composed throughout the years to begin the process of chasing his dreams of performing and selling music around the world. The result of all of those studio sessions is his first album titled "Dreamer". The album incorporates all the jazz, R&B, and blues elements that inspired him to create music at the age of 11. From the autobiographical title track "Dreamer", to the upbeat inspiring song "State of Mind", to the heartfelt ballet "Hummingbird", the album Dreamer is sure to take you on a musical journey you will never forget. Powered by the big band orchestra sounds of the 60's, his unique acoustic and electric guitar rythmic and lead playing, and the dreamy tone of the album, Juston Hargrove has definitely created a sound of his own.