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    What Was Life Like in Mad Men Era?

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    What Was Life Like in Mad Men Era? - as part of the celebrities series by GeoBeats.

    The tv show "Mad Men" transports us to life in the 60s. Let's take a look at how people really went about some of their daily activities.

    - Craving for a quick hot midnight snack? Forget about it - consumer microwaves were just getting introduced and at $500, beyond the reach of most people, since average annual income was $5000-$6000.

    - These days people complaint about too many channel choices. Well in those days, life was simpler. You only had NBC, ABC, and CBS. Families were starting to get a nifty new gadget called the remote, which meant children didn't have to sit on the floor close to TV sets for changing channels.

    - If you wanted to talk to someone remotely, you had to use a rotary dial phone and that was a major innovation for that time, considering prior method was to go through an operator who would listen in on your conversations.

    - For instant photography, there was the hugely popular Polaroid Swinger, a $20 hip, instant camera of its time, even though you did not have the ability to share your photos electronically ofcourse.

    - Supermarket boom was just starting in that decade and people were moving away from shopping at mom and pop stores or growing their own fruits and vegetables.

    That was a time without tools like email, texting, google, and facebook. Which era do you prefer - current or the 60s?