The Shins - SXSW 2012 Interview & Acoustic Performance


by Roxwel

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A love letter from the editor: Oh James Mercer how I love thee and thou's music. It's been a long long long looooooooong time since I've seen you and I was happily surprised when I randomly found out that you were dropping a new album a month ago. Then I find out that not only are you playing a ton of shows (that were accessible to the general public) during SXSW 2012, but you are also doing an informal acoustic that is on my list of things to film? BEST. SXSW. EVER!!! I love these intimate performances and I absolutely love the new stuff from The Shins. This interview and acoustic take on "Simple Song" was an absolute treat to a long time fan. Okay, back to business. Host Toby Ryan finds out how long it took to write this new record 'Port of Morrow', if he has any recording rituals, and James also talks about how The Shins got on SNL. Okay, back to the love letter. Glad to see that The Shins have come back in full force and thank you for this little nugget of awesomeness that was the cherry on my SXSW 2012 cake! Now somebody get me backstage to a killer intimate Shins concert so I can cross it off of my bucket list.