100ème vidéo - Film it !

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Hugo Amizet
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Une 100ème vidéo en forme de best-of, et de retour sur 5 ans de vidéos !

Paroles :

If on the radio you hear a catchy song
And if you're huming and mimic it all day long
Don't stay like a fool, and don't think if it's cool
Just film it

You note in front of a can distributor
Compared to the 6-pack, it's not the same color
It's amazing, you have to tell it everyone
So film it
Even if they don't care !

Just film it ! Film it !
Get your camera and film it !
If you are ready to drink some crap !
If you can sing the complete pokerap !
Just film ! Just film !
Just film it !

If you disliked a famous cream-cookie mark
Or if at Comic Con you meet François Descraques
It's not important, it don't give you talent
But film it !
Yes Film it !

If for some reason you like Kaamelott sixth book
And if your Pikachu your fervor disaprouve
Kidnapp it, Torture it, and tear off his teeth
But Film it
That the most important !

Just film it ! Film it !
Get your camera and film it !
If you have passion for french dubbing,
And if you want to share your feelings.

Just film it ! Film it !
Yes, it's pointless, but film it !
Even if you have nothing to say,
Even if your fans claim the M.A.H.A.
Film it ! Film it !
Film it ! Film it !
Film it ! Film it !

Film it ! Film it !
Everywhere you go, just film it !
Take part of contests, of Davy Mourier.
Like that, you can appear on J'irai loler.

Film it ! Film it !
Quickly and poorly, but film it !
If you want to copy the bum reviews,
If you want something who has been refused.

Film it ! Film it !
Every time you speak, just film it !
If you got problems with Dailymotion.
And if this problem has no solution.

Film it ! Film it !
If you find a show fantastic !
If there is no trailers, go make your own
The creators will say "Congratulations"

Just film it ! Film it !
Yes, i think now, you get it !
Next time, if you walk on a dog shit,
You must take your camera and film it !

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