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    Different Drum


    by chrishindle

    I was sorry to hear of Davy Jones' untimely death recently, so I had a look through the Monkees back catalogue. In doing so, the memories came flooding back. No Saturday evening was complete without watching the Monkees on TV (before hitting the town for some monkey business of my own)
    This excellent song was written by the Monkee's Mike Nesmith, and I offer you my interpretation of it. This song, like those in most of my movies, is all my own work and if anyone wants to use it I can remove tracks such as my vocals guitar breaks or backing vocals, bass etc. for you to play or sing over Transposing finished items is not recommeded, so I'm afraid you're stuck with the key. (G major) You can get me through my web-site I hope you enjoy while sparing a kind thought for poor old Davy Jones