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    Rick Santelli CNBC the Poem, by Peter Ruellan

    peter ruerue

    by peter ruerue

    Rick Santelli Everything we see is political spin Will austerity bury the Greeks? We know, we've read the constitution Watch now, here come The Tea Party-ers The Infamous Tea People Working us over
    I tuned in -To Squawk Box We love the Occupy Movement Described In sixty secondsThe Chicago Board of Trade Looks so exciting to us. On schedule at CNBC, five days a week Never miss a day Bring it on Rick At least 12 times a day Keep it exciting. Commodities Treasuries currencies Interest rates, futures Libor or the Fed High risk mortgages Foreclosures, bankruptcies Cheers and applause From the floor around you And all through the nation Skepticism over the government's plan Economic philosopher you And you get White House response Borrowing costs across The entire yield curve Negative consequences of QE Fed reserve rates The downside risk dance Keynesian suspension Turning Japanese Fiat currency calibration All major central banks Have their arsenal stocked --Peter Ruellan 2012