My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 47, "Dragon Quest"

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After observing the Great Dragon Migration with his pony friends, Spike starts to question his dragon roots and wonder about his true identity. He sets out to join the dragon migration on a quest of self discovery and is tailed by some of his friends to ensure he does not get into too much trouble.


I like the rock music
By Wonder Colts July
FlutterShy in the beginning was funny. She got her assertive self to come out. No, wait, it was more like her mean version since she was loud and stomped on RainBow Dash before running away.

So, there is a new character now ? (Phoenix baby)
By Dmaest Grim February
anyone else get REALLY pissed when they started talking trash about Princess Celestia?
ironic part is if she had to Twilight Sparkle could have taken them all out single hoofed. ;)
By Shaggzthaclown777 February
Ahh, the advantages of being fat.
By Arioch Starr January
its NICE
By Nawal Abdi November
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