Bruce Lee "The Warrior Within" Movie With Chuck Norris By Manuel Ortiz Braschi

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The Warrior Within is a movie about Martial Arts; about their beauty and their lethal potential, their history and their present status. It is also about their place in a modern society whose escalating crime rate and violence is making the knowledge of self defense a necessity for more and more ordinary people, especially women. Martial arts fans will have the opportunity to see some of their favorites in action. The cast list reads like a "Who's Who in the Martial Arts". Each is a highly ranked representative of their style and art.

"The Warrior Within" received the highest honor a Martial Arts film could be awarded! The "Las Americas Film Festival" presented Executive Producer Manuel Ortiz Braschi with the "Gold Medal Special Jury Award" for its content, beautiful slow motion sequences, superb technical credits and good commentary.

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Bruce Lee "The Warrior Within" Movie With Chuck Norris...