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    Lullabies - Volume 1 - Wee Willy Winky

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    Newborn infants have been found to have highly developed abilities of responding to sound. No wonder then that lullabies play an important part in their upbringing. Lullabies are as importants as cudding babies in one's arms and rocking them to sleep. Research have found that soothing music workds miracles on the baby, whether a newborn or toddler, by bringing a sense of security and calm. Make sure that you don't misss out on providing one of the greatest riches of human culture, the blessing of music, to your baby, by making use of the classic numbers in this album. A wide range of soothing music and tunes featuring favorite's lullabies and famous nursery rhymes is presented in this album because babies enjoy variety and change of pace. The female and male voices are caressing, the music soft and dreamy, and the selection of lyrics meaningful to take care of your baby as much as you do. Let lullabies make your child rest softly on your chest dreaming of a rainbow way up high, pointing to a heaven of love and warmth. It will be a treasure that your baby will never forget.
    1. Are you Sleeping
    2. Go to Sleep
    3. Sing a Song
    4. Sweet and Tow
    5. Rock a Bye Baby
    6. Row row row Your Boat
    7. Bonnie
    8. Peas Porridge
    9. Little Boo Beep
    10. Silent Night
    11. Baa Baa Black Sheep
    12. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    13. Wee Willie Winky
    14. When Your Going
    15. Wheels On the Bus