[JTeKu] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Episode 3 Part 2

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Download - H264/MP4 | 720p | 8861 ~ 9117 Kbps | 59.940 FPS | 2.49 GB
» http://jtekuprojects.blogspot.com/2012/01/final-fantasy-xiii-2-collectors-edition.html

Captured By - JTeKu Projects
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Collector's Edition Lightning ライトニング Claire Farron エクレール・ファロン Raitoningu Eclair Farron Serah Farron Sera Faron セラ・ファロン Paddra Nsu Yeul Oerba Dia Vanille Oerba Yun Fang Alyssa Zaidelle Lebreau Reburo Noel Kreiss Hope Estheim Snow Villiers Caius Ballad Kaiasu Baraddo Sazh Katzroy Mog Moogle Saikomu Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 Final A World Without Cocoon New Bodhum Unseen Intruder Bresha Ruins Yaschas Massif The Void Beyond Sunleth Waterscape Coliseum Archylete Steppe Academia Augusta Tower Time In Motion Dying World PS3 Playstation 3 Cinematic Cutscene Record Capture Footage Gameplay Walkthrough Live Trigger Playthrough Opening Intro Trailer Movie 1280x720 720p English


Hi JteKu :) :D i wanna thank u for uploading english cutscenes of ff13-2 on daily motion :) :D and thaaat too in 720p.... thanks alot buddy.... ive been looking all over the internet for them and i coudnt find one without logos or water marks .... Yours is the ONLY 1 .... so thanks again for ur efforts... but there's a little prob... i went to your JTeKu projects and didnt find ff13-2 Episode 4...they se its Not Available... i really need it plz... for a fanvid im going to make abt noel and caius... can u plz upload it on daily motion?.... plzzz ... ill be very thankful to u .... otherwise ill have to go thru those walkthroughs n download a whole lot of them to get Episode4 ... ur help will be very grateful :), good day... tc
By Ammarah Muhammad 2 years ago
j aime final fantasy
By samos samos 3 years ago