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    Borat Press Conference in Australia!

    Bilak Sagdiyev

    Bilak Sagdiyev

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    Fathers Borat go to Melbournes in tiny islands of Australias!

    Good afternoon, very sorry morning - gentleman and prostitutes! Very nice to meet you in city Melbourne in Australia!
    G'day mate, put another crustacean on barbecue?

    Wah wah wee wah - very nice woman tell Borat that there a full room of journalists! Borat inquire how much? She tell that her husband will not agree. Borat say that he can negotiate with hom!

    Dilan wants to know what Kazakhstan and Australia have in common.
    Borat notice that the man has red hair and ask if he has red hair also below? wawaweewa!

    Kazakhstan and Australia are now very similar countries. We have treat people with equal respect no matter what their problems.
    Two month ago we open up the Almaty retard center where for 200 tangey you can throw potatoes on the strange ones. We also have 300 cages for them to live in. And for 50 tengey you can use them in small hole. No problem - they remember nothing!

    Our countries very similar, please, I hope you come and visit us in Kazahstan. Now we have new luxury resort called Astana fun world - there is something for everyone in family. For wifes - very nice cages. For men - buffet for regularly cleaned prostitutes and for children there is hunting opportunities for dogs and gypsies!

    Borat swim suit which go from shoulder down to the khram is the official swim suit Kazakh 2002 olympic swim. It is important that it is supported sufficiently when wearing it. When Borat wear it it look like like there are two monkeys fighting in a hammock.

    Borat went in Sydney in public lavatory he had become so famous that a man gave him a hand relief with no money. Borat even did not know how he recognized him because it through hole in the wall.
    Very nice peoples Syndeys!

    Borat not accept questions from womans!

    She ask what problem Borat have with woman. Borat say that he have no problem with woman. Woman love Borat and Borat love woman. Borat has had syphilis for 15 times. High Five!!! Borat thick like can of pepsy!

    Premier John Howard. Borat very excite to meet him. We in kazakhstan very big fannies of him. Borat instucted to bring some gifts - potassium and two small gypsy boys. The gipsi boys are not strictly gifts. He bought them on something called eBay. They will be used to carry his bags and clean his small hole.

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