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    Amazing Deal Review - Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm Film SLR Camera

    The Canon Rebel 2000 is a fine camera for the beginner who aspires to take professional quality pictures. It is as full featured as many higher priced cameras, yet costs much less. The camera is quite versatile, allowing one to take pictures by full automatic mode (point and shoot). If one so desires, one can take control of the process and control every aspect of the shot, including flash, shutter speed, aperature, and focus. The camera also has several built in photo modes for automatic portraits, landscapes, night shots, and action shots.

    As an aside, the Canon EF lens that comes with this kit is a very nice lens that produces good quality pictures. There are many other EF lenses available that will fit this camera. An aspiring photographer will not want for variety of lenses.

    I have had mine for several months now and I love it. I used the camera to take pictures at my brother's wedding ceremony, which was outside, at night. The camera's excellent metering and built in flash took properly exposed pictures with a minimum of fuss.

    The only potential drawback to this camera is its construction. It is made out of plastic, which is a benefit and a potential risk. It is very, very light but plastics are intrinsically more delicate than metal, so this camera won't take much abuse.

    Overall, an excellent camera for the amature photographer.