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    Halo: Space Rescue - CG Animated Short


    by 343thesentient

    The Super-Hayclon "UNSC Glorious Bastion" takes on an entire Covenant fleet with the help of the Spartan Red Team. Master Chief pilots a longsword to the heart of the fleet to rescue marines that primed a Shiva Nuke on a Covenant Corvette directly under a Capital Ship. Master Chief and the Marines escape with the UNSC Glorious Bastion into slipspace, and the Covenant Fleet is destroyed by the shock of the Shiva Nuke.

    This animation was recorded and synced to the bumblebee theme from Transformers 3. I decided to show the actual footage (which i didn't do with Scorponak from "Halo: Call to Arms") but youtube blocked me so I had to reupload it without the footage :( I put a link to a video with the footage at the end of the video. I wasn't originally going to create this but decided to anyway since I couldn't get the Bumblebee theme song out of my head :)

    Thanks to jmlstudio for the scene with Master Chief
    Created with CryEngine2.