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    A Wedding Baraat In Central Udaipur India; + "Snaps" From The City Palace

    Tony Guida

    by Tony Guida

    In this clip Hessie joins a small group and tours the City Palace. She takes pictures of the City Palace Gardens (Photography was not permitted inside the City Palace). Meanwhile tony grabs his cameras and strolls into Udaipur looking for something memorable. This being North India he'll likely find something -- and in short order does: perhaps most video worthy is a Baraat parade underway near the center of town. There is music, dancing and singing by the baraatis as parade makes it way. The stars of the parade of course are the bridegroom and the white mare that he is riding. Both are in costume as is the Hindi tradition.

    The video is Part 10 of our India Wow!; and covers our last day in northern India. Our Travel Diva Hessie + old "ad" himself (tony to you) of ad Guida Video Productions went on location in India in February 2011. All video and pictures were taken on location.

    This video was recorded in HD, 16:9 aspect, by ad Guida Video Productions. Rights are reserved. Non-commercial downloads are ok. Anything else please contact a d Guida Video Productions @

    Next: stop Mumbai.

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