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    Peter Metro - 7 heroes

    FonzJah Team

    par FonzJah Team

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    ~Too much murkle
    a murkle and dem nah know 'bout dem bible
    dem bible hey
    Too much Murder
    a murdie and dem nah know 'bout dem country
    dem country hey~

    Because a 7 hero fight fe free blackman
    say out of dat seven one was a woman
    This I man mister Metro determination
    to send message in my music to rock the nation

    Say 7 hero of Jamaica
    Paul Boggle, Sam Sharp and Daddy Busta
    Daddy Manley, William Gordon, Marcus Mosiah
    And Sista Nany she a de Maroon leader
    now lets look pon'em
    one after the other
    William Gordon did white he was a freedom fighter
    Paul Boggle did black him a rebellion leader
    but he was trailed and then captured
    and then dem hanged him couple days later
    now take a look at marcus mosiah
    born 1887 so nuff a baba
    due to his love of blackanese great power
    he was on his will to free Africa
    when he was captured by some english soldiers
    dem even destroyed the Black Starliner
    Only his ashes sent back to Jamaica
    Now Sista Nany she a de Maroon leader
    Along with culture earb bigga bredda
    dem man dem to fight man the english soldier
    and dem stop slavery inna Jamaica


    Look pon daddy Manley and Bustamante
    they all came from the same family
    fight fe get independance for our country
    and dem choose ??? ...flag fe we
    they were first ??? of our country
    and the first prime minister a Bustamante
    say 1962 we gettin liberation yes
    from the Queen of England
    she visted the 83 and she visit everyone (xé)
    But what Mister Metro would a like fe know
    Say What Peter Metro would like fe know
    is why the queen never come inna the ghetto (x2)
    why the queen never came inna the ghetto
    becau' the people in the ghetto live inna poverty
    there so many youths with dem hungry belly
    Some can't go a school Mama no have no money
    and nuff a dem a born and nah know dem daddy


    I am a deeJay who intelligently
    I reason with the old the young and elderly
    Jamaica is a Island
    a not a country
    I want everyman inna the dance to agree...