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    Beautiful World


    Tak_T2T より

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    Beautiful World_T2T feat. Alisa

    17 years old, the songstress, Alisa sings and prays for all the people wish for world peace.
    (Original version plus 4 other versions are now available on Apple i Tunes music store.)

    I have originally wrote the song, "Beautiful World" the end of 2001. None of us could forget the year of the 9/11.
    Last year, "The Tohoku earthquake" occurred. I have been suffering much since then. And I decided to remake the song, "Beautiful World". It was only the thing I could do.
    At that time, I met a girl named Alisa, aged 17. I was impressed with her deep voice heard by chance. Her beautiful singing has been blowing a new life into the song.
    "Beautiful World" is a song of hope and courage. I believe that they are most important for us now.

    ~ Tak_M (T2T) Jan. 2012 〜