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    Classic Game Room: DEAD OR ALIVE 2 ULTIMATE review for Xbox


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Dead or Alive 2 review. Classic Game Room reviews DEAD OR ALIVE 2 ULTIMATE for Xbox, a 2004 release of the game with updated visuals and outstanding DOA2 gameplay! Dead or Alive 2 was previously released for the Sega Dreamcast (see old school CGR review of that version) and PlayStation 2 and was mind blowing back in the day. Nearly a decade later it remains every bit as fun and playable with lush, scenic backgrounds that fill the screen the color and motion as well as detailed fighters with some amazing moves. CGR Dead or Alive 2 video review features Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate gameplay from the Xbox special edition box set of Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate. DOA 2 has a storyline mode, survival mode, time attack, vs. and more. Players can unlock outfits and new skimpy costumes by beating the game in various ways. Each fighter has a different fighting style and adds to the incredible replay value of Dead of Alive 2 for Xbox.