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    AnyLink™ Unlock your R/C Transmitters full potential


    by HobbicoInc

    Virtually all pilots have a “go-to” transmitter — the one they grab for automatically when it’s time to fly. Now there’s a way to realize the full potential of that transmitter and almost any other, regardless of brand, band or modulation: the AnyLink radio adapter.

    It’s so innovative that a patent is pending, yet is so easy to use that it can be installed in seconds. Once installed, it enables virtually any transmitter to broadcast a true, 2.4GHz signal and fly a wider variety of aircraft than ever before.

    One of the biggest pluses of the AnyLink is that it will work with virtually all popular transmitter brands, including Futaba®, Hitec®, JR® and Spektrum®.

    Please visit our website for additional information on AnyLink and all fine products in the Tactic line.