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    Classic Game Room: SHOCK TROOPERS Neo-Geo MVS review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Shock Troopers MVS review. Classic Game Room reviews SHOCK TROOPERS for the Neo-Geo MVS from Saurus and SNK, being played on the Analogue Interactive SMVS Slim video game console which is a solid wood consolized Neo-Geo MVS. Originally released in 1997, Shock Troopers is an awesome, action packed arcade game where you mow down enemies with a variety of weapons like machine guns, flamethrowers and miniguns! Shock Troopers is a top down run n' gun style shooter in a similar style to Ikari Warriors or Commando (but Shock Troopers is even more explosive!). CGR Shock Troopers video review shows Shock Troopers gameplay recorded from the Neo-Geo MVS game console, the Analogue Interactive CMVS Slim.