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    United Kingdom Talk Friday 16th March 2012

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Friday's talk show.
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    News on Katie the cat.
    Abuse of children - is it worse now or has it always been going on ?
    In the garden.
    Looking at more property.
    Having a piece of paper to say you've done something.
    Nasty jelly.
    Being there for someone's death.
    An "outdoor person".
    Electronic Visa for Australia.
    Ralph is a proper little boy.
    Getting "that" phonecall.
    TV show "The Tube"
    Bulid a house, hide it, keep it.
    Going to have a closer look at the products in Aldi.
    Overacting for the television camera's.
    Parking by phone. I didn't bother.
    Your thoughts on bright coloured lycra.
    Charity & Daleks.
    Is it really like this on the underground trains ?
    Where is your ideal place to live ?
    A different barber.
    Over helpful.