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    kamarinskaya 1980 Inessa Kovalevskaya Russian animation on music M. Glinka


    door eus347

    Michael Glinka (1804-1857) is often called the father of the russian music. He was the first to compose opera's on russian themes and integrate russian music structures into his work. His music was a great inspiration for composers as Tsaikovski and Rimski-Korsakov.
    His Kamerinskaja, is a scherzo orkestral fantasy from 1848, beautiful animated by what you could call the mother of russian musical animation Inessa Kovalevskaya.
    It ís probably her most abstract work, in the sence that it doesn't tell a story, but let's the music reflect in landsscapes and scenes from russian life like if you float over the russian lands like a seagull goose or a crow with a camera, zooming in on what makes curious, but steadily traveling on