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    Chinese React to Bo Xilai's Dismissal


    by NTDTelevision

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    A politician's success in public office can often be measured by the reaction to his or her departure. The day after top Communist Party official Bo Xilai's dismissal, the Chinese public is mulling over the incident.

    Bo Xilai, the Chinese official at the center of a corruption scandal, has been dismissed from his position as Chongqing party secretary. Bo Xilai was known for his highly publicized campaign against organized crime, which would go on to draw accusations of human rights abuses.

    Yet some Chinese feel that Bo's removal, though he is a high level official, will not affect the masses.

    [Mr. Wu, Beijing Resident]:
    "It won't have any effect on us. It's so far removed from us normal people. We always think that we should consider more practical things, for example, after the two sessions whether the price of oil rises, or other pragmatic matters."

    Others point out that to have a positive effect on the public, more than one corrupt official needs to be dismissed.

    [Cai Wenjun, Shanghai Based Petitioner]:
    "At the moment, corrupt officials are snatching this and snatching that, their people are fighting back and forth. They are corrupt without any pressure, they steal our property and then want to come as if they are all rational and put us petitioners in order."

    Yet residents of Chongqing are breathing a sigh of relief today. In addition to the anti-crime campaign, Bo also carried out the 'Singing Red Songs' campaign that promoted Communist ideology in the city. Democracy activist Liu Jun says Chongqing residents will be glad to see and end to the 'Red Songs' initiative.