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    As Tibet Protest Movement Continues, Concern From U.N. Secretary General About Possible Deaths


    by NTDTelevision

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    The wave of Tibetan self-immolation protests which started last year is still ongoing. Meanwhile, a separate Tibetan hunger-strike outside UN headquarters has drawn words of concern from Secretary Ban Ki-moon.

    The three Tibetan hunger-strikers outside UN headquarters in New York began the protest roughly three weeks ago. They are calling for international assistance in ending what they consider to be a crackdown underway against Tibetans who dissent with Chinese Communist Party rule.

    That crackdown, in turn, has been intensified as a string of Tibetan protests by self-immolation have continued gathering steam since they began a year ago. The latest to burn himself, a monk named Jamyang Palden, on Wednesday became the 26th to undertake the drastic protest measure.

    So far, governments and international authorities have expressed strong concern over the protest movement and the Chinese crackdown that has ensued, but have fallen short of calling for specific action.

    The response to the hunger-strike protest outside of UN headquarters in New York seems more or less similar. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement of concern about the health of the three New York protestors, while saying that he "affirms the right of all people to peaceful protest."

    Meanwhile the protestors themselves told Voice of America that they were visited by Ivan Simonovic, a top UN official for human rights, earlier this week. At that meeting, the hunger-strikers called for "concrete action" to help end the crackdown on Tibetans in China.