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    Mage Defense - iPhone Gameplay Video

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    Appstore Description:

    [How to play]

    *Place units the way monsters pass, and they will attact them automatically.
    *Add more units or upgrade their ability to improve defensive power with gold you've got. The more waves you pass, the stronger monsters rush.
    *Once you clear a stage, you will get star and gem points according to the number of lives.
    *Some monster leaves a gem when they die. You can collect them by touching it.
    *You can use gem to upgrade a unit more stronger, or purchase skills in upgrade scene.
    *You can easily defeat the monsters if you make full use of the properties of monster like PHYSICS, ICE, FIRE, ELECTRIC.


    *Traditional fantasy-style cute characters
    *A stunning feeling of beating monsters
    *Engrossing and addictive game play