Novyj Gulliver part-1 - 1935 - New Gulliver Russian animation subtitled

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door eus347

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part 1First ever stopmotion feature film 1935
On the motives of J. Swift’s book. Pioneer Petya falls asleep with a book about the adventures of Gulliver and in his dream he finds himself in Liliputia where he is the leade of the revolt of the poor against the king and rich people.
directed by Alexander Ptushko
written by Alexander Ptushko, Grigory Roshal
artists A. Zharenov, A. Nikulin, Yu. Shvets
animator Fedor Krasny
The sad thing for russian animation was the stalin issued a decree in 1936 that ordered all animation to be made in 'disney'style. Stopmotion stayed forbidden untill 1956, but it took years to reach the same level again that Ptushko had in 1935.
The film is an amazing timedocument, as well as still quite a feast to see.
V Konstantinov, Gulliver, played his first and only roll in film he was 15 at the time.
He died near tallin as a recrute in 1944, at the age of 24. his grave was never found.

1 commentaar

Such a beautiful and original film by one of the greatest film-makers of the twentieth century. Aleksandr Ptushko really does not get the credit he deserves in the English speaking world, as you rightly point out, this is the first ever stop-motion feature film and like so many of his films, the techniques he used were ground-breaking.

This is a really great adaptation of the Jonathan Swift story and I love how Ptushko brought it up to date by making the protagonist a Soviet pioneer (I imagine in 1935 with the ascendency of Stalin, that it was a good way of ensuring the film was made as I imagine the resources it took to make it were incredible).

Many thanks for all your hard work and effort creating the English subtitles, they are excellent. As someone who makes subtitles myself, I know the amount of time, effort and energy it takes, often for very little thanks or appreciation!
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