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    High Hatters - Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home


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    Little is known about the High Hatters, a studio band led by Leonard Joy during the late 20's and early 30's. Quality of their performances, however are invariably excellent. The vocal on this 1929 disc is by Belle Mann. The High Hatters was an in-house Victor Talking Machine Company studio band under the direction of Leonard Joy which specialized in arrangements that were incredibly upbeat. Although in fact nothing is known about the mysterious flapper vocalist Belle Mann, she must have been a hit at the Victor studios, because she sang for the next two years as a house vocalist for Victor studio bands, and orchestras under contract with Victor. As for this great record, it was made in 1929. I did the best I could to restore sound of this quite worn disc; although the result might not be entirely satisfactory, the song is definitely well worth sharing.