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    Phoenix Bee Removal: Attack Of The Killer Bees In Arizona


    by PestUSA

    This video is by, a trusted exterminator covering the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

    Killer Bees are often referred to as an Africanized Honey Bee. They are literally latter generations of southern African bees imported in 1950s by Brazilian scientists who wanted to breed a honey bee that would be better adapted to the South American climate.

    Inevitably, some of the imported bees escaped their quarantine and began breeding with local honey bees, quickly multiplying and started to travel north at a rate of around two hundred miles a year. Now the “Killer Bees” are in the United States and Arizona!

    If you think you have a bee problem, it is best to consult with a seasoned, Arizona professional pest control operator to have them assess the situation and take appropriate actions.

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