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PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS Must Prepare for Upcoming Competitor


by TheGamerAccess

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With PlayStation’s Vita, Nintendo’s 3DS, and Apple’ iPhone 4S and new iPad all less than a year old, competition within the portable gaming industry is off the charts. While many gamers fail to consider both the iPhone and iPad “true” gaming platforms due to the lack of tactile gaming controls, I discuss why Sony and Nintendo both need to pay close attention to Apple’s moves and ensure they are consistently innovating their portable gaming platform.

Witnessing the possibilities of the new iPad during Apple’s iPad event last week opened the eyes of many non-believers as AAA studios such as Namco Bandai and Epic Games took the stage and not only showed off the visual prowess of the new iPad, but confirmed that the new iPad harnesses more power than both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sure, the potential of the device’s hardware is not everything as without viable gaming software the hardware will only show during benchmarks, but after evaluating Apple’s business model and the potential the company holds, there is a great chance Apple could become the strongest gaming platform on the market, and not just in the portable gaming space.

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is this guy nuts? A controller that snaps onto the iPhone = LAME. Nobody would buy it no matter how much money Apple invested. Accessories like this have never worked. if Apple was going to go after the consoles they would have already. Steve Jobs was smart to stay out of where Apple didn't belong. People don't play games like Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 on their Macs. They just don't. Apple would be wise to enjoy the success with mobile games. An Apple gaming console that competes with Xbox & PS3 would be embarassing.
By Marty7044 3 years ago