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    Tabata Protocol Abs Workout - `Back To Back` Man Vs. Fitness


    by justlikehersheys

    The Diet Solution Program
    Truth About Abs

    Welcome to the ManVFitness Youtube Workouts Channel - and this latest workout. ------------------------------ *If you would I`d appreciate you joining my facebook fan page - ------------------------------ At this page you`ll get access to free workouts for fat loss, six pack abs, lean muscle gain and elite conditioning. Based around my intensity workouts, interval circuits and fat loss / resistance programs. Please subscribe to the channel so I can inform you of upcoming video shoots and new workouts. I`ll update as often as possible. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TheWorkout: Six Pack Abs Plug-in workout `Fire` (To be used 2-3 times a week after your current fitness program) Perform this round of 2 exercises four times - for a total `circuit` of 8 rounds. Beginners = 1 circuit Intermediate = 2 circuits (90 secs rest between circuits) Advanced = 2-3 circuits (60 secs rest in between circuits) Exercises: 1) Tripod Rows 2) Single Leg V`s Repeat the 2 for 8 total rounds in 1 circuit Workout 20 seconds `on` then rest 10 seconds before the next exercise in sequence. - this is Tabata Timing. (See my blog for more and get a free timer at the link below) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, please go to for a free fitness gift pack - there are 2 NEW workouts you can play on your iphone etc, a free fitness timer I`ve had built for ...