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    Ab Workout Exercises


    by justlikehersheys

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    Truth About Abs

    CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! If you want to get a slim stomach and six pack abs, then you need to stop wasting your time on useless crunches and dangerous sit-ups. Instead, you need to focus on 21st Century ab workout exercises to get more results in less time. Heres an effective four-exercise Pre-Fatigue Abdominal Circuit where you are going to fatigue the abdominals with classic endurance exercises and then follow it up with a dynamic moving exercise. In the first exercise, start with a simple abdominal plank, holding that position for 45 seconds while bracing your abs, breathing normally, and maintaining your body in a straight line. That will pre-fatigue your abdominals for the second exercise. Next, you will perform stability ball jackknives for 15 repetitions. At this point in the workout, your abs will be slightly fatigued from the previous exercise, so pay special attention to your form. This is the perfect combination of abdominal exercises to help you strengthen your abs and build the six pack muscles. (Of course, you also have to do interval training to burn belly fat and find the right diet to help you lose belly fat. I highly recommend you stick to whole, natural foods to lose stomach fat and use short, burst interval training to burn fat in less than 20 minutes, only three times per week.) The third abdominal exercise in the circuit will fatigue both the obliques and abdominals and is called the side plank. While holding for 30 ...