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    Transformation Truth: McDonald`s


    by justlikehersheys

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    The Diet Solution Program
    Truth About Abs ... Be a Fit Fast and Strong All-Natural Athlete. Episode 17 of Chris Krueger`s Transformation Truth. The Health and Fitness vlog that separates fact from fiction and gives you the truth. It`s all abut how to achieve true & health and fitness and dispelling the ridiculous myths and bogus supplements that the \"health and fitness\" industry spend millions of dollars try to brainwash us with. Honest, up front and shooting from the hip. Chris Krueger injects reality into a world gone mad. Transformation Truth focuses on McDonald`s and the Billions served Brainwash of Corporate greed. Chris Krueger discusses how we can avoid the Hamburgler and Ronald McDonald too. Begin the journey to true health and fitness and unlimited success. Chris Krueger`s 70 day body transformation. Following a devastating back injury with two herniated discs in my lower back, I gained over 40 pounds because of poor eating and inactivity. The best on youtube. Get the Heart of a Champion and make it happen for yourself. It`s important for all of us to reach and strive for our true potential. We should be fit, fast, and strong, natural athletes. We should look, feel and be our best. Part of that is using proper form so that we can safely train our bodies and get results as quickly as possible. I strongly encourage everyone to go outside and play. Run, jump, and have fun. Life is to short to spend it inside watching reality tv and eating microwave pizza rolls. Challenge ...