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    Transformation Truth: Attraction


    by justlikehersheys

    The Diet Solution Program
    Truth About Abs Be a Fit Fast and Strong All-Natural athlete Chris Krueger TSC Episode 5 of Chris Krueger`s Transformation Truth. The Health and Fitness vlog that separates fact from fiction and gives you the truth. It`s all abut how to achieve true & health and fitness and dispelling the ridiculous myths and bogus supplements that the \"health and fitness\" industry spend millions of dollars try to brainwash us with. Honest, up front and shooting from the hip. Chris Krueger injects reality into a world gone mad. Transformation Truth Want to date hotter women? Invest in yourself. Become a fit fast and strong natural athlete. Be more optimistic, confident and energetic so that you can attract fit, confident, energetic and optimistic females that are also super nice. It`s pointless to go through life being depressed and living well below your potential. It`s time to rise up like michael jordan after he was cut from his high school basketball team. In this episode of Transformation Truth Chris discusses natural attraction triggers that help you attract hotter sexier mates. But don`t be a jesse james or jersey shore style d-bag. Be your best. Get the heart of a Champion and the body of a champion will naturally follow, with ripped abs, pecs, and bulging biceps with visible veins. But who really cares about that stuff? Increase your happiness and live your best life possible. Oh, there`s also a metaphor about flipping a house and increasing the value of your ...