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    The Truth about Abs


    by justlikehersheys

    The Diet Solution Program
    Truth About Abs Be aFit Fast and Strong All-Natural Athlete. Episode 10 of Chris Krueger`s Transformation Truth. The Health and Fitness vlog that separates fact from fiction and gives you the truth. It`s all abut how to achieve true & health and fitness and dispelling the ridiculous myths and bogus supplements that the \"health and fitness\" industry spend millions of dollars try to brainwash us with. Honest, up front and shooting from the hip. Chris Krueger injects reality into a world gone mad. Chris Krueger discusses The Real Truth about Ripped Abs. Should you use the ab rocket, ab belt, ab chair, ab lounge, or ab circle, to get the ripped abs of your dreams? Of course not! That infomercial crap is all totally bogus. What about doing millions of sit-ups and crunches to get the 8-pack of your dreams? Wrong again. Chris spits the real truth about how to get ripped abs and hot to get a ripped six pack. Is it from taking fat burning pills like hydroxycut, trimspa, ripped fuel and lipo 6x... No! Don`t take those stupid pills, they are a waste of your time and money and terrible for your health. The truth about how to get ripped abs, you need to burn fat and build muscle with real training and proper nutrition. Fad diets, exercise gimmicks and the rest of that crap is entirely bogus. Chris Krueger`s new video the REAL Truth about ripped abs is part of his Transformation Truth vlog series. It`s all abut how to achieve true & health and fitness and dispelling ...