Cloning - Cloning Marijuana Plants - How To Clone Weed - 3

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Cloning marijuana is an alternative to growing from seeds. In order to make cloned plants you will need a single mother plant which is used for all of the cuttings. A mother plant should exhibit certain qualities because all of your plants will have identical genetics; in particular it should demonstrate fast growth, high potency, and resistance to mould and pests. The mother should be kept in vegetative growth all the time under a metal halide light, for more information on metal halide lights please skip ahead to video ten in the series.

The tools you will need to clone are: a small plate, a planting tray with matching humidity dome, peat pods or rock-wool cubes (referred to as the rooting medium), rooting hormones, and a pair of sharp scissors or a sterilized razor blade. All of which can be easily found at a local gardening and hardware store. Light should be provided by a fluorescent bulb hung above the plant tops.