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    D8 Cool equipment for virtual dj dj controllers Virtual video mixing laser lighting equipment Beamz


    by elocsports

    D8 ENHANCE YOUR DJ PERFORMANCE & MIXING WITH BEAMZ (WWW.BEAMZDJ.COM) LASER DJ CONTROLLER – CONTROL VIRTUAL ANY DJ & LIGHTING SOFTWARE AND EQUIPMENT WITH LIGHT! (D8) Beamz – the interactive DJ laser controller - allows DJ’s access to over 50 triggers for cue points, FX, video mixing, beats, loops, samples and lighting via MIDI and keystroke mapping. Beamz is ideal to use along with your current gear to add a new visual dimension to your performance. Beamz laser DJ controller is compatible with virtually all your DJ, production, and lighting equipment and software applications, including Virtual DJ, Serato, Traktor, Ableton, Reason, Cakewalk, PCDJ, Venue Magic, My DMX, ShowExpress, DasLight, and many more. Be more creative than ever - get the Beamz Pro now at and Play The Light!