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    Good Manners Songs For Children - Take Your Bath

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    Today's children are whizkids in computers and emerging technologies, but they need to be taught the values of humanity too. What is life without love, affection and respect for others! When children are taught good manners and human values they imbibe them fast and grow into kind, gentle and responsible youth. What better way to instill character and considerateness into kids than sprightly and youthful music! Good Manners Songs for Children comes with a basketful of vibrant songs in lovely tunes and catchy cadences to make the young vibe with good values. The singer's zest for personal values and social feeling are infectious. Saying Thank You, and Please don't mention and greeting people with a pleasant smile will henceforth become a happy experience for children. This album is going to be a song experience for your kids with far-reaching consequences. Gift them Good Manners.

    1. Good Manners
    2. Do your best
    3. Say please and thank you
    4. Bits of paper
    5. Keep things clean
    6. Early to bed
    7. Greet your teacher
    8. My name is dean
    9. Neatly dressed
    10. Chew your food noisy
    11. Take your bath
    12. Brush our teeth
    13. Do not waist water
    14. Minus Karoke - This old man
    15. Row row
    16. Atkins drums
    17. Loopy loop
    18. My bonnie
    19. Crooked man
    20. Bits of paper (Sing along)