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    Indians of the Americas 1.2.3 Alan Silva— Burton Greene—FREEjazzART Alan Silva

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    iner Notes for Long Song Records CD: Parallel Worlds 2
    Alan Silva—Synthesizer
    Burton Greene—Synthesizer and Module

    What strikes me immediately upon listening to this music again after a long hiatus since we recorded it is how much of this is visual, programmatic music. When I hear this back it suggests certain obvious visual images rather than a narrative of "what the music is about." Therefore I share these images with you:

    Indians of the Americas Suite:
    1. North American Indian Reflections
    Immediate images I get are Trance, Primal Dances and Rituals, Spirit Animals, Magic. (Of course you will have your own images which may or may not have something to do with this..!)
    2. Fate of the Aztecs and Incas
    Images: Mystery, Depth, Trance, Pagan Rituals, Saga of dealing with the avarice, and viciousness of the Spanish conquistadors, the conquerors. Loss of so much prehistoric Knowledge and Magic.. and yet: Sustaining Powers of Life beyond the vagaries of existence. 3. The Indian In All of Us
    Starts with a brief continuation of the Sustaining Powers of Life. A travel way back in time when we survived within the boundaries of a tribal, instinctive way of life.. the struggle to know something of our existence, our longings, our struggle to survive and to overcome our fears.. Beyond that our quest for the basic pleasures and joys of life.
    Burton Greene Amsterdam November, /